Join us for 2019's Annual Covington Garden Tour featuring gardens from Covington's Westside, Mutter Gottes, and Old Seminary Square Neighborhoods.

Covington's 5th Annual Garden Tour is underway for 2019, and is expanding to new, amazing gardens in the Mutter Gottes Neighborhood.

Covington's Westside once again join efforts with Old Seminary Square to bring you the annual garden tour, where residents will welcome you into their private garden spaces to see the possibilities that gardeners, from novice to master gardener, have created for their own pleasure.

As you walk from home to home, garden to garden, we hope you will soak in the beauty of Covington, meet your friendly and hospitable neighbors, and be inspired to add a touch of beauty to your own special spaces.


Each ticket is good for both days of the tour, so take your time and enjoy.

Join hundreds of residents & local gardeners for a weekend of discovery.

We've been working hard all season long to make this event the best possible for you, whether it is for meeting neighbors, learning about the community you're looking to invest in, or your focus is on the botanical and artistic wonders of Covington, we welcome you into our gardens and into our hearts. 


Please feel free to peruse the photos from previous years' gardens on the 'pictures' tab, and get your walking shoes ready.


If you have questions not addressed on the website, please use our 'Contact Us' form to reach us by email. Please allow 24 hours for a response, as most of us are busy out in the garden!

Tickets will be available for purchase on both days of the tour for $25/each at the Garden Tour ticket booth, located at the corner of Russell & Robbins Streets on June 8th & 9th.

One ticket will offer you 2 days of over a dozen locations full of garden exploration -- all at your own pace.


  • This year the Garden Tour will be on Saturday and Sunday, June 8th & 9th

  • Advance Tickets are $20/ea; Day of Event tickets will be $25/ea. (Credit card and online purchases will incur a small processing fee.)

  • Enjoy over a dozen private green spaces, in three neighborhoods, on display for 2 days from 11AM-4PM

  • Ever wondered how to raise chickens at home? Raising chickens in Covington's Westside is the new hot concept -- 'farm' fresh eggs! Come see for yourself how easy it is.

  • Come see and talk about sculpture installations, outdoor art, park redevelopment plans, residential development, and more!


Proceeds to benefit the Mutter Gottes, Westside, and Old Seminary Square Neighborhood beautification efforts and local charities.


General Gardening Tips & Tricks

Deadheading - it's not just for hippies anymore
'Dead heading' refers to the practice of cutting, nipping, or just hand-pinching dilapidated blooms off of a flowering bush or plant. This activity halts the seed production stage of the bloom and sends a signal to the plant that 'more blooms are needed for seed production' and encourages increased flowering throughout the season.

Container Gardens for tight spaces 
If you live in an apartment, don't have the room for a garden, or just aren't sure if you're a green thumb or a brown thumb -- container gardening is a great way to start. Drainage is critical, though, so you may want to invest in a hydrometer for plants. No drainage holes can drown the roots after a rain, and lack of water can make for droopy, sad greenery. 

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